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Inflating your Arch Cloud

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

When you're ready to find the perfect fit for your new Arch Cloud, check out the instructions below.

If you have the Arch Cloud Insole®, begin by taking out the current insoles that came with your shoes. The Arch Cloud will have little to no air to begin with and we suggest wearing it as-is for about a week and then adjust as needed. Insoles take about 7-10 days to get used to. Initially your shoes may feel a bit snug but after the 7-10 days, the Arch Clouds will settle into your shoe. Many people don't need additional air and if you've had insoles in the past, the process will be shorter.

If you have the Arch Cloud Wrap®, begin by trying it on to see how it feels. The wrap comes inflated, so it may be exactly what you need as-is. If you feel you need to adjust the support, simply turn it inside out to access the valve.


Insert nozzle of pump into the valve flap until there is a snug fit, cover the hole and squeeze the pump.


Insert the probe into valve and advance tip about 2” (5cm) into The Arch Cloud®.

The correct amount of support is determined by your comfort and relief, not the most amount tolerated.

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